About Bam

Born and raised in Taichung, Bam is a Taipei based illustrator/designer. As a sports maniac and an enthusiast on street style fashion trends and lifestyle, the majority of his work includes athletes, sneakers, street style fashion trends, movies, and even political events, with a tendency to zombify some of the figures in his work. The name Bam originated from the Chinese character “竹”,(“bamboo” in English,) which is part of his Chinese name. The word BAM is also an exclamation used to express extreme excitement or happiness, resulting from some sort of accomplishments. Hopefully, each of his work can bring out a big BAM!

Bam是一名生長於台中,目前定居於台北的插畫家 / 設計師。也是體育賽事狂熱者、潮流與生活愛好者。主要作品主題包涵:運動員、球鞋、潮流、電影甚至政治時事,並且時常把他們殭屍化(Zombify)。名稱Bam取自於中文名字中的「竹」字英文- Bamboo,另外BAM在英文中也是一種用來表達興奮與開心的狀聲詞(大多用在完成了某件事情/成就之後),藉此期望每完成一件作品,對自己跟觀看者來說都是一聲大大的BAM!

Bam! Bam! Bam!About Bam